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Turkey Farmers Value High-Quality Soybean Meal

Protein important to producing America’s traditional Thanksgiving staple As the temperatures cool off and leaves drift from the trees, many people begin planning their Thanksgiving dinner. Although each group’s meal is as unique as those seated around the table, the iconic turkey remains the centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. While consumer demand for turkeys

Know How to Use Your Soil Test Results

Soil sampling is the first step in your nutrient management plan, but it takes more than just sampling your fields to build the plan for your farm. More on Soil Sampling: The Value of Soil Sampling Soil Sampling: It’s a Simple Process A Little Investment for a Lot of Information “If you’ve had a piece

Soil Sampling: It’s a Simple Process

Soil sampling is the first step toward a profitable crop. Getting a good soil sample is critical to the accuracy of your soil-test results. Below, Illinois soybean farmer Austin Rincker and agronomist David Brummer walk through the soil sampling process. To learn more about the soil sampling process, watch the video: Click here Why? Soil