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This Week’s Biggest Stories 10/2

Order Up! The Bundle of Valuable Nutrition Your Soybeans Serve Keeps Your Customers Coming Back for More It’s hard to believe that the soybeans in each of the pods growing in your fields pack so much of the nutrition your wide-ranging customers need: from protein, amino acids, energy and minerals for livestock and poultry, to

Yield to Harvest: Challenges Ahead

Harvest Patrol: Georgia farmer juggles multiple growth stages and strategic delivery timeframes Harvest is a challenging time of year for farmers. It demands attention to detail, calculated execution and long hours. And that’s just with your typical crop. Watch Soybean Harvest Progress Click here Walter Godwin, a farmer from Pelham, Georgia, has additional variables to

Meal’s Inner Qualities

U.S. soybean farmers work to keep meal quality and demand high Soybean meal is a staple ingredient for most hog and poultry rations here in the United States and around the world. Increasing competition and growth of other sources like distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and synthetic amino acids is putting the pressure on

Joy of Cooking Soy

Soy-checkoff farmer-leader helps to separate soy food myths from fact It won’t take you seven years to digest a piece of gum. Swallowing a watermelon seed won’t make a plant grow in your stomach. And, eating soy won’t give you breast cancer. Unfortunately, of all the myths out there, it can be particularly hard to