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This Week’s Biggest Stories 5/27

Double the Crop, Double the Potential If you planned for a double-crop soybean system this season, harvest of your small grain crop and planting of your double-crop soybeans are right around the corner. Virginia Tech University Extension Agronomist David Holshouser, Ph.D., shares his advice for planting and managing your double-crop soybeans this season for higher

Doing Double Duty

Planting Patrol: Illinois farmer offers tips for better double-crop soybeans Raising multiple crops each season can provide a more intensive use of land, equipment and labor. It can also help maximize farm profits. Gary Berg, soy checkoff farmer-leader from St. Elmo, Illinois, grows soybeans, corn and wheat on his farm, and is once again taking

Sustaining Our Sustainable Advantage

The U.S. soy sustainability story is a great one. From soil health to water management, when compared with competitors such as canola, palm and South American soybeans, the sustainable practices used by U.S. soybean farmers are second to none. And now that great story is not only paying off in the field with environmental benefits,

Stop the Drop; Pledge to Plant High Protein

Declining protein levels could lead to loss of market share When something – be it a car, tractor or even a TV – breaks down, a commonly uttered phrase is: They just don’t make them like they used to. In a world where quantity seems to be more valuable than quality, it’s not surprising that