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Brazilian Soybean Farmers Undeterred by Lower Commodity Prices

By James Thompson Just a few weeks ahead of soybean planting in Brazil, local consultancy Céleres forecast a 91.35 million-tonne 2014-15 crop (3.36 billion bushels), produced on 3.6 percent more acres than last season. Another consultant group, FC Stone, said the crop would come in at more like 93 million tonnes (3.42 billion bushels), up

Key Demographic Favors Meat, Says Restaurant-Industry Analyst

Taco Bell is one of several restaurants making changes to accommodate consumers’ increasing push for protein. The national fast-food chain recently announced its Cantina Power Menu, full of items that contain double portions of meat and more than 20 grams of protein, such as this chicken burrito. McDonald’s, KFC and Panera have also made similar

High Oleic Soybean Oil — The Right Oil at the Right Time

High oleic soybean oil is poised to take the market by storm By Frank J. Flider, technical, marketing and business development consultant for the oilseed and ag biotech industries High oleic soybean oil, a high-stability, trans-fat-free oil on the cusp of commercial reality, represents a tremendous opportunity for U.S. soybean farmers to regain lost market

An Opportunity for Positive Change

Yield, Demand and Profits with High Oleic Soybeans It’s not often that farmers radically change the way they produce a crop. But when it happens, it can make a major, positive impact on their profitability. High oleic soybeans are an opportunity to do just that. The added nutritional qualities and improved heat stability are already