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Back to Basics with the Hefty Brothers: Tips for Drainage in Soybean Fields

Your soy checkoff works to help you increase the profit potential of your farm, and that begins with farm-management basics. Here are some simple tips from Brian and Darren Hefty, of the “Ag PhD” TV show, on the importance of drainage to improve soybean yields. Drainage is critical because if your crop sits in water

Herbicide-Resistant-Weed Control through Combine Maintenance

Weed control isn’t normally a priority during harvest, but combines are the ideal vehicle to spread weed seeds across a field or carry them to the next. Herbicide-resistant weeds are an ever-growing issue, and prevention of the spread of those plants is a year-around duty. Trip Downing, a farm-equipment sales representative from Rochelle, Illinois, says

Warming Up to Biofuels

Biodiesel stands up to harsh winter conditions Last winter struck much of the United States with extreme cold and plenty of snow. These harsh weather conditions put biodiesel to the test – one it easily passed. “Over the years, biodiesel has rapidly improved and evolved as a fuel source,” says Lisa Pedderson of MEG Corp,

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4 Helpful Weed-Management Tips for After Harvest Once harvest has been completed and the season is over, you might start thinking of what needs to be done for next year. Weed management is one of those continuous tasks to think about any time. Here are four after-harvest weed-management practices you can do before the winter