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Farmers and NGOs – USB Brings All Parties to the Table

At first, it might seem a little unconventional to invite Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to speak with a group of United Soybean Board (USB) farmers about sustainability. But that’s what USB’s Freedom to Operate (FTO) Action Team recently did to start looking for collaboration opportunities. “As members of the FTO Team, we’re charged with ensuring that

The George Washington University Renews Biobased Conversation

Sustainability efforts continue to grow across the United States, including a growing commitment from academic institutions like the George Washington University (GW) in Washington D.C. Earlier this year, the university named Kathleen Merrigan, Ph.D., as its first executive director of sustainability. She’ll lead the university’s sustainability efforts and launch a sustainability institute. Merrigan is very

High Oleic Soybean Farmers Play Hero in Summer Blockbuster

Science-fiction movies, novels and television shows often leave audiences wondering what the future will look like. Unfortunately for soybean farmers and agriculture enthusiasts, no 2014 summer blockbusters have been announced about a future in which the soy industry has reached its goal of 18 million acres of high oleic by 2023. If such a movie

High Oleic Ignites High-Heat Industrial Opportunities

High oleic soybeans are stirring excitement in the motor oil industry, a field previously untouched by the soybean market. The soy checkoff recently funded a study that led to certification by the American Petroleum Institute (API) of a high oleic biosynthetic oil, manufactured by Biosynthetic Technologies. API certification is required for all motor oils, and