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Invest in a Soil Test, Advises Agronomist

Six things to consider when managing soil fertility Soil tests can prove to be useful in many different ways, from predicting lime needs to measuring the impact of fertility programs. According to a recent webcast from Dave Mengel, Ph.D., professor of agronomy at Kansas State University, the unfortunate fact is, “While there are several benefits

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Regardless of Location, Biodiesel Works for Farmers Soybean farmers see the benefits of biodiesel on their bottom line, so Nebraska farmer Greg Greving is trying to find new ways to utilize it. He has been using biodiesel on his farm for as long as he’s been able. Today, you’ll find biodiesel all over Greving’s farm

Soybean Meal Provides Pigs More Than Protein

Soybean meal delivers a great nutrient bundle for pigs While the protein that soybean meal provides animals is important, it merely scratches the surface on why soybean meal is such a beneficial animal-feed ingredient. U.S. soybean meal’s nutritional bundle goes well beyond crude protein to include amino acids, energy, vitamins and minerals. The value of