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Soybean Farmers Boost America’s Rural Economies with Biodiesel

The biodiesel industry contributes to the strength of U.S. soybean markets, an important value for soybean farmers and their communities. Not only do biodiesel plants purchase soybean oil and diversify soy demand, they strengthen rural communities and economies by supporting job and revenue growth. “Biodiesel helps revitalize rural communities across the country,” says Bob Metz,

Finding Quality Is Simpler than You Think

Seed dealers, Soybean Quality Toolbox can lead farmers to seed that will produce quality and yield There are many factors in farming that are out of a farmer’s hands, but growing high-quality soybeans that are worth more to their bottom lines is not one of them. “Seed selection is the biggest thing farmers can do

More Protein Can Bring More Value to Soybeans

Higher-quality products are worth more to end users Many people are willing to pay more if it means getting a higher-quality product. As was discussed at CONNECTIONS 2014, the pork sector has been experiencing the benefits of value-added pork for nearly 30 years, and a similar system could possibly be in soy’s future as well.

Gains in Biodiesel Industry Add Up For Rural Areas

Biodiesel plants support their communities by providing jobs, market for soybeans The vitality of many rural communities and standard of living for their citizens often depend on the jobs available. Quality jobs lead to economic development capable of supporting and sustaining the resources communities require to support their local population. Today, more and more rural