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Lessons from Down Under

Australian farmers find diversity is the answer to herbicide-resistance management The message from weed scientists across the country is clear: If the issue of herbicide resistance isn’t addressed soon, U.S. farmers will face a problem of terrific proportions in only a few years. Just ask farmers in Australia. View the full issue of Beyond the

To Till or Not to Till

Farmers balance weed management, crop performance and sustainability on their farm View the full issue of Beyond the Bean Click here Farmers are moving toward no-till practices, but many still rely on tillage to control weeds. Thinking ahead to the new planting season, it’s important to know which option is best for your farm. Purdue

Never Too Late To Start

Four weed-management tactics you can still implement this year If a management plan for combatting herbicide resistance isn’t part of your operation yet, experts say it’s never too late to start. While there are many steps that farmers can take, weed scientists from around the country say starting with even a few practices can go

Old School Weed Control

Step 1: Know which weeds you have. Step 2: Kill them by any means necessary. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result isn’t just one definition of insanity; it’s also a recipe for herbicide-resistant weeds. Over the past two decades, the convenience and effectiveness of post-emergence glyphosate applications led