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Fall Rush

Harvest Patrol: Arkansas farmer thrives on getting the most for his crop Every year, around this time, Arkansas soybean farmer Derek Haigwood finds that his mind races at about 1,000 miles an hour. He knows this is when he finds out how well the decisions he’s made all year along, along with a few decisions

Quality Is Just a Click Away

Visit the Soybean Quality Toolbox for high-yield, high-quality varieties Farmers want crops with high yields, and their customers want crops with high quality. But who says they can’t both get what they want? There are soybean varieties out there that are high in protein, oil and yield. Unfortunately, not all soybean farmers are aware of

Safety First!

Harvest-time safety tips may not be new…but they could save your life Whether you’re gearing up for your first soybean harvest or your 50th, now is a great time to pause and consider the importance of farm safety. Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University extension specialist and ag engineer, has heard of way too many