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Understanding Animal Ag Customers’ Needs for Soybean Meal

Serving what your customers demand is good for business. For American soybean farmers, meeting the needs of their biggest customer means growing consistent, high-quality soybeans for the animal agriculture industry. Domestically, animal agriculture uses about 97 percent of the soybean meal consumed in the United States. International customers, who buy more than half of all

Tomorrow’s Big Catch

Three Research Projects that Could Increase Aquaculture’s Use of U.S. Soybean Meal The United Soybean Board (USB) supports many of the key research initiatives that increase the aquaculture industry’s use of soybean meal. Terry Hanson, Ph.D., aquaculture and natural resource economist at Auburn University, describes three exciting research projects (made possible in part by the

Fishing for Information

Five Questions with Alabama Catfish Farmer Butch Wilson More on Aquaculture:  Big Fish in the Pond Tomorrow’s Big Catch When Mike Beard first became involved with the Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA), he was surprised at the similarities between his Indiana hog operation and the fish farms he visited across the U.S. “Many fish are raised