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For Biobased Product Benefits, DC Water Authority Says ‘Follow the Fleet’

The District of Columbia Water Authority is one of the largest water municipalities in the world, serving sites including the Washington Monument, the Capitol and the White House. After successfully running 615 vehicles on biodiesel for five years, the utility’s fleet management division signed on to participate in a demonstration project sponsored by the United

Clearing the Air with Soy-based Products

The American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest (ALAUM) believes good lung health begins at home, or more precisely inside the homes of all consumers. The organization says soy-based products are a great way to breathe easier. “Biobased products made with soybean oil contain less toxins and harmful chemicals than petrochemicals,” ALAUM Director of Environmental

Looking at Biodiesel through a Chicken House Window

Biodiesel production provides an often overlooked benefit to poultry and livestock farmers – savings on soybean meal to feed their animals. Animal producers look for the best feeds at the most competitive prices, and biodiesel helps keep the cost of high-quality soybean meal competitive. As biodiesel demand rises, so does the demand for soybean oil.

This Week’s Biggest Stories 2/20

Manufacturers Think Soy to Grow Industrial Sales Cargill has long been recognized as an agriculture industry leader, buying, storing, shipping and selling ag products and helping farmers get their crops from plants to plates. However the 30 percent sales growth that the company’s Industrial Specialties Unit saw in 2014 is raising interest in the benefits