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The Future of Agriculture Depends on Consumer Outreach by Farmers

Checkoff provides support through partnerships and resources More than ever before, the soy checkoff is involved in consumer outreach. And to help farmers tell their stories, the checkoff partners with organizations rooted in the importance of bringing truth and understanding about agriculture to consumers. One organization is the Center for Food Integrity (CFI). CFI provides

Don’t Let Charcoal Rot Leave You High and Dry

Identification and prevention are the best ways to manage soybean disease that blocks water flow With the possibility of a dry growing season always right around the corner, U.S. soybean farmers should always be on the lookout for a disease that thrives when the weather is hot and water is scarce. “Charcoal rot is more

Hello. I Farm. Any Questions?

The future of agriculture depends on consumer outreach by farmers Connecting with consumers to help them better understand agriculture starts with you. The farmer. While there are many who don’t think they have the ability to make a difference, the reality is, by being an authentic, genuine source, you have the power. Reaching out to

Be Prepared

Six resources you need to start the conversation about agriculture You can make a difference today! It might start at the grocery store, or at your son’s or daughter’s soccer game. Wherever the location, whatever you’re doing, use these resources to help get the conversation going. Tackle the Issues The CFI Engage Resource Center helps