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Video: Lock and Dam Tour

Take a Virtual Tour through a Lock Have you ever been curious as to how your soybeans travel through the U.S. inland-waterway system? Come along on this virtual tour created by the soy checkoff that showcases how locks help move U.S. soybeans. This video takes viewers on a quick tour to show how locks work

This Week’s Biggest Stories 7/31

8 Common Soybean Problems During Reproductive Stages Evidence of insect feeding, stunted pods or damage and discoloration to leaves and stems are all problems that can present themselves during the reproductive stages in soybeans. Pests, such as beetles or mites, may be the cause, but sometimes issues come from a virus or fungus. Here are

Fueling Demand, Sustainably

Biodiesel and Bioheat® add new power to soybean farmers’ story It began 25 years ago as a way to make good use of surplus soybean oil. Today, the biodiesel industry has become a great example of modern-day agriculture to consumers, environmental groups and individuals curious about farm life. Biodiesel is recognized by the U.S. Environmental

4 Ways U.S. Soy is Making Business Sustainable

Checkoff-Funded Tools Help Manufacturers Meet Standards These days, a growing number of companies are making “sustainability” a major business priority. Whether it’s to make sure raw materials will be available to keep their manufacturing plants running, or to reassure curious consumers about where and how product ingredients are sourced, companies across the supply chain are