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Addition by Subtraction

Three yield-limiting factors and how to eliminate them As farmers strive to maximize soybean yield, one university researcher found three factors that regularly contribute to lower productivity. “With recent fluctuation in the price of soybean grain, many farmers are interested in what they can add to soybeans to increase yields,” said Laura Lindsey Ph.D., assistant

This Week’s Biggest Stories 7/22

UAVs Take Flight Getting a bird’s eye view from above the fields with the help of a drone provides a perspective that farmers just can’t get from the ground. An expert says once more people begin gathering data using remote sensors, databases analyzing that information will flourish, giving farmers access to even more material on which

UAVs Take Flight

Drone use limited, but possibilities nearly endless Andrew Dierks pulled the rugged black crate from the box of his pickup, snapped open the clips and pulled out a piece of farm equipment that would have seemed completely out of place just a few years ago. Dierks set the gleaming white quad copter on the ground,

The Future of Farm Flight

Gathering data just the beginning Whether they’re called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aerial systems (UASs), the technology holds the potential to transform how farmers gather important information they need to make management decisions. More on Drone Technology: UAVs Take Flight 4 Ways to Use Drones on Your Farm Michael Starek, Ph.D., is assistant