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Diversified Management Crucial to Giant Ragweed Management Giant ragweed is making a comeback as one of the most competitive weeds farmers deal with every growing season. Once easily managed by herbicides, giant ragweed is beginning to show resistance to several popular herbicides. According to one weed scientist, farmers should include more variety in their weed-management

Planting Down by the Bay

Planting Patrol: For farmers near the Chesapeake Bay, nutrient management is important all year long There’s one thing that can be guaranteed during planting season: It’s going to be different than last year. With all the unpredictable factors of agriculture, it’s crucial that farmers take control where they’re able. Watch the Soybean Planting Progress Click here

Biodiesel Pours Savings into Feed Supply

Livestock and poultry farms benefit from increased biodiesel demand. That’s because the more biodiesel that gets used, the more savings animal ag farmers experience on their soybean meal costs. Because biodiesel creates greater demand for soybean oil, more soybeans get crushed. The extra crush puts more soybean meal on the market, reducing feed costs. Despite