Fencepost: How Do You Respond to Tough Questions About Biotech?


Jim Zimmerman – Rosendale, Wisconsin

“I explain that biotech helps us grow a safer product for consumers and animals. It is much easier to reduce our weed competition using glyphosate-resistant varieties. Some farmers are able to fight eastern black nightshade, a weed that is toxic to animals, with biotech seeds. With biotech, we are able to provide a safer, more abundant product to the end user while protecting the environment as well.”



Greg Sharpe – Missouri
“The downside to biotech is misinformation with consumers, so I feel we need to focus on the consumer advantages of biotech. Contrary to popular belief, biotech crops are equal in nutrition to their organic counterparts. Biotech also allows farmers to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides, which makes the way we raise crops more environmentally friendly.”




Ron Robbins – New York

“We are in the farm-tourism business, so naturally we get many questions about biotech crops. I like to share that technology gives farmers and consumers an advantage. This past summer is a great example. Biotechnology played a key role in giving us yields when 10 years ago our food supply might have been in danger. In addition, consumers would have experienced sharper price increases.”