Steve Dixon – Tennessee

"We have to deal with a lot of glyphosate-resistant marestail. The plan is to use a burndown treatment about 30 days before planting. We’ll hit it again right at or before planting. One thing we’re doing different now is trying to get out in front of pigweed. We haven’t had a problem yet, but we want to be proactive, starting this year.”



Brian Scott – Indiana

“Rotating modes of action is important to our weed-management program. We haven’t had a lot of problems in recent years, but some neighboring farms have had marestail. What we’re really keeping an eye on is Palmer pigweed. It’s been confirmed in five counties near us. Palmer seed can travel in cattle manure spread over fields, in feeds or even on equipment.”




Jay Swede – New York

“We haven’t had too much of a problem with herbicide-resistant weeds, but the issue is on our radar. We know areas that had no problems, then, suddenly, they were popping up. We have a wide rotation, with soybeans and corn, along with vegetable crops. I think that rotation has helped so far.”