Guide to Going Green

As manufacturers, businesses and consumers continue to go “green,” the soy checkoff provides a valuable resource to help them do so. Updated annually, the 2013 version of the Soy Products Guide, now available, lists products made with soy, from elevator fluid to paintballs and everything in between.

Click here to download an electronic version of the guide or to view the most up-to-date listings throughout the year.

Industrial demand for soy, including biodiesel manufacturing, is on a steep upward trend. In the last 10 years, industrial uses for soy have grown almost fivefold. Last year alone, soy checkoff partnerships helped bring 45 new soy-based products to the marketplace.

Created for use by industrial manufacturers and researchers, as well as general consumers and businesses, products are divided into three sections:

  • Consumer Products,
  • Industrial Products,
  • Ingredients and Intermediates.

These sections allow readers to easily find products that meet their needs. In addition, the guide highlights product-ordering and contact information for more than 200 companies that offer soy-based products and ingredients.

In many of these products, manufacturers use soy as a healthier, more renewable and more environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum.