Measuring Your Sustainability Performance Just Got Easier

Fieldprint Calculator

As it becomes more and more important for you to prove your sustainability performance to your customers, a newly updated tool makes it easier to measure that performance.

The soybean checkoff supports Field to Market: The Keystone Alliance for Sustainble Agriculture and its updated Fieldprint Calculator which you can use to help measure, improve and demonstrate your farm’s sustainability performance. The free, confidential and easy-to-use tool features several improvements recommended by U.S. farmers, such as:

  1. Analyze individual fields. Zoom in on each of your fields with amazing precision. Measuring your operation field by field improves the accuracy of your Fieldprint results.
  2. Utilize better measurements. The calculator includes more advanced and sophisticated metrics for soil conservation, quality and carbon, as well as other sustainability-performance indicators. To do this, it uses models from sources such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  3. Consider crop rotation. The alliance set up the modernized calculator to show you how various scenarios could impact the environment. For example, you can use your crop rotations to go back five years and see how they affect your Fieldprint.
  4. See how your farm stacks up. Compare your operation’s Fieldprint with others in your county, state or the entire country. This can help show you where improvements can be made.
  5. Study the dollars and cents. Get to know the economic impact of sustainable management practices. The calculator now provides a financial ledger that computes the costs and savings of these methods.