Full global regulatory approval is still pending for a new soybean trait that could benefit farmers in their battle against weeds.

The varieties containing the trait – branded Roundup Ready 2 XtendTM (RR2X) by Monsanto – have been bred with tolerance to both dicamba and glyphosate herbicides. While they have been approved for importation into China, they have not received final approval for import into the European Union (EU). This approval could come before harvest.

Some elevators and processors have said they won’t accept harvested RR2X soybeans this fall if the dicamba-tolerant trait is still not approved in the EU. In some cases, farmers have ordered or even taken delivery of seed containing this trait. Farmers with any questions about RR2X soybeans and exchange requests should contact their seed dealers and retailers.

Additionally, any post-planting use of dicamba herbicide is currently illegal. For pre-planting use, be sure to follow the product label for any products that contain dicamba. The Environmental Protection Agency’s draft labels for the herbicide’s use will not be finalized until late this summer at the earliest. Prior to approval of the labels, the herbicides cannot be used in season.