Hot on Soy

Increasing Bioheat® use leads to greater soybean value New data show demand for Bioheat® (biodiesel blended with heating oil) is growing and capable of even greater growth in the future. The rise increases demand for soybean oil and adds value for soybean farmers and the entire industry. A recent survey from the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA)

Looking at Biodiesel through a Chicken House Window

Biodiesel production provides an often overlooked benefit to poultry and livestock farmers – savings on soybean meal to feed their animals. Animal producers look for the best feeds at the most competitive prices, and biodiesel helps keep the cost of high-quality soybean meal competitive. As biodiesel demand rises, so does the demand for soybean oil.

East Coast Winter Weather Is No Match for Biodiesel

Fuel’s dependability helps diesel fleets recover quickly from severe-weather emergencies New York winters are no joke, and they’re harshest on the trucks, equipment and workers that keep busy New Yorkers going when the weather tries to get them down. For Jim Reinish, manager of the Central Automotive division at the Port Authority of New York

Soybean Farmers Boost America’s Rural Economies with Biodiesel

The biodiesel industry contributes to the strength of U.S. soybean markets, an important value for soybean farmers and their communities. Not only do biodiesel plants purchase soybean oil and diversify soy demand, they strengthen rural communities and economies by supporting job and revenue growth. “Biodiesel helps revitalize rural communities across the country,” says Bob Metz,

Gains in Biodiesel Industry Add Up For Rural Areas

Biodiesel plants support their communities by providing jobs, market for soybeans The vitality of many rural communities and standard of living for their citizens often depend on the jobs available. Quality jobs lead to economic development capable of supporting and sustaining the resources communities require to support their local population. Today, more and more rural

Fueling Soy Demand

The biodiesel industry was built from the ground up – and much of that ground is planted with soybeans. Using more than 5.5 billion pounds of U.S. soybean oil last year, more than any other feedstock, the biodiesel industry is a significant customer for U.S. soybean farmers. That figure is expected to grow, says Alan

Biodiesel Fuels Farmers’ Bottom Line, Even in Cold Conditions

Keeping the streets of New York City clear of snow and ice is no small task when Mother Nature unleashes her wrath and temperatures plummet. With 8.4 million people living in New York City, the stakes are high. The city operates the largest municipal fleet in the country and relies on biodiesel blends to power

Warming Up to Biofuels

Biodiesel stands up to harsh winter conditions Last winter struck much of the United States with extreme cold and plenty of snow. These harsh weather conditions put biodiesel to the test – one it easily passed. “Over the years, biodiesel has rapidly improved and evolved as a fuel source,” says Lisa Pedderson of MEG Corp,

Biodiesel Hits the Road as Students Hit the Books

With children across the country back in school, many school districts turn to biodiesel to help ensure the air they breathe is clean. Anyone who has had to sit in traffic behind a diesel-fueled bus understands concerns about the more than 24 million children who ride some 440,000 buses to and from school each day.

California Fuelin’

A San Diego university uses biodiesel for its environmental benefits, but mechanic is a big believer in performance perks, too San Diego might seem a million miles away for U.S. soybean farmers, but the chief mechanic at a university in Southern California has become a huge fan of the fuel that can be made from