Better Together

Soy checkoff’s network of partners maximizes supply, demand and returns for U.S. soybean farmers It’s really very simple. Your soy checkoff has one mission: Maximize profit opportunities for U.S. soybean farmers. But that’s a massive undertaking – one that the checkoff can’t do alone. In order to be truly successful, collaboration with partners is vital. View

Innovation Beyond the Bushel

Innovating for your customers adds value to U.S. soy You study your crops and make connections to determine why had the outcomes you did. Then, you carefully and meticulously tweak your practices, never satisfied with maintaining the status quo, but always looking to move forward and achieve more. You’re a farmer, but you’re also an

Biodiesel Day Celebrates America’s Advanced Biofuel

Cleaner burning, renewable, American-made fuel highlighted on Diesel anniversary 9 Facts About Biodiesel That Will Rev You Up Click here March 18 is National Biodiesel Day and there are many reasons to celebrate America’s Advanced Biofuel. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine was a true pioneer. When he developed the first diesel engine

Golden Opportunity for Biodiesel

California biodiesel spikes as major part of carbon-cutting solution California’s new carbon-reduction policy has made the state a new target market for biodiesel producers. U.S. soybean farmers, who sustainably produce the soybean oil used to make much of that biodiesel, are also taking notice. More on Biodiesel:  Farmers Help Prove Biodiesel’s Sustainability for California New

Farmers Help Prove Biodiesel’s Sustainability for California

Research, in-person conversations with farmers helps secure major market It was a beautiful summer day when soybean farmer Ron Heck climbed up to the top of his 45-foot grain bin in Iowa with a group of somewhat skeptical Californians. More on Biodiesel:  Golden Opportunity for Biodiesel New York Remains Committed to Bioheat® and Biodiesel Fueling

More Data Means More Demand

Checkoff-funded research and outreach help gain acceptance for biodiesel More on the Checkoff’s Role with Biodiesel Click here Key players in the automotive industry – from engine manufacturers to petroleum producers – are paying attention to biodiesel, and that means a stronger market for U.S. soybean farmers. For more than 20 years, U.S. soybean farmers

It’s All in the Family

Through Bioheat®, family-owned soybean farms are supporting other family businesses Allison Heaney is the third-generation owner of a family heating oil business in New York City, and she’s turning to a product with roots on family-owned soybean farms to help her company keep up with customer demand. More on Bioheat:  New York Remains Committed to

New York Remains Committed to Bioheat® and Biodiesel

Whether for transportation fuel, heating oil, or simply to help clean up the air, New Yorkers are committed to using biodiesel and the biodiesel-based home heating oil alternative known as Bioheat®. Read about a few of the leaders driving demand for U.S. soybean oil through increased biodiesel usage in the Big Apple. New York City

Biodiesel Works in New England’s Coldest Temperatures, and It Can Work for You

6 Tips for Using Biodiesel in Cold Weather Boston received more than 100 inches of snow last winter, but that didn’t stop Harvard University’s biodiesel-powered fleet. The fleet of 75 vehicles, which includes shuttle buses, waste and recycling trucks, mail delivery vehicles and off-road maintenance equipment, uses more than 100,000 gallons of B20 (20 percent

Family’s Commitment to Bioheat Fuels Growth

Against all odds, Long Island family helped pioneer an industry Ray Hart wasn’t always sure his oil heating company was going to survive. Started in the back of a gas station he ran in the late 1970s, Hart Petroleum offered cash-on-delivery heating oil to customers in the Long Island, New York area. Learn About Bioheat