Warming Up to Biofuels

Biodiesel stands up to harsh winter conditions Last winter struck much of the United States with extreme cold and plenty of snow. These harsh weather conditions put biodiesel to the test – one it easily passed. “Over the years, biodiesel has rapidly improved and evolved as a fuel source,” says Lisa Pedderson of MEG Corp,

Biodiesel Hits the Road as Students Hit the Books

With children across the country back in school, many school districts turn to biodiesel to help ensure the air they breathe is clean. Anyone who has had to sit in traffic behind a diesel-fueled bus understands concerns about the more than 24 million children who ride some 440,000 buses to and from school each day.

California Fuelin’

A San Diego university uses biodiesel for its environmental benefits, but mechanic is a big believer in performance perks, too San Diego might seem a million miles away for U.S. soybean farmers, but the chief mechanic at a university in Southern California has become a huge fan of the fuel that can be made from

Biodiesel Benefits Animal Ag in Multiple Ways

Biodiesel production has significantly benefitted the soybean industry as a whole – but one of biodiesel’s most significant contributions is not often highlighted. Animal ag farmers benefit from biodiesel, too. That’s because soybean meal prices fall as more biodiesel is produced, requiring poultry and livestock farmers to pay less for their feed. This often overlooked

States Cash In On Biodiesel Through Individualized Efforts

With the biodiesel industry growing across the country, many communities are enjoying the benefits of commercial-scale biodiesel production. In fact, recent reports find that the biodiesel industry has created over 62,200 jobs throughout the United States. Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and other states helped shape these opportunities by fitting their statewide biodiesel efforts to fit local

Extra Care Needed for Wintertime Fuel Handling

As you complete your harvest-season tasks, take necessary steps to minimize fuel-related problems when the temperature dips below freezing. Cold weather can be an issue for users of both No. 2 diesel and biodiesel, and problems associated with tank maintenance can add to the difficulty. Many farmers like to use biodiesel blends of 20 percent

Biodiesel Demand Increases Price of Soybeans by $0.74 Per Bushel, Study Says

Biodiesel production has pushed U.S. soy oil prices higher than they were during the pre-biodiesel era, according to a new study. The research, commissioned by the Minnesota, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota soy checkoffs, found that biodiesel contributed to a $15 billion increase in soy-oil revenues between 2006 and 2012. This has also raised

Biodiesel Mechanic-Training Course Helps Create Advocates

“I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know.” That was the response from one student who completed a recent mechanic’s training session on biodiesel. And it was exactly the response the Kentucky Soybean Board (KSB) was hoping for when it decided to sponsor the sessions. KSB offered the rigorous online course to diesel mechanics

Fuels Experience Similar Beginnings

The petroleum and biodiesel paths to success show parallels Biodiesel and petroleum diesel share many similarities. They can both be used in diesel engines without modification. They both fuel fleets and passenger vehicles throughout the country. They even heat homes. And, even though their beginnings were nearly a century apart – they both were given