Learn to Bust Common GMO Myths

As the holiday season approaches, families will likely spend time around the table discussing a range of topics. What happens when that friendly discussion turns to the latest negative information on GMO foods that our well-meaning family members recently heard? As a farmer, you plant seeds enhanced by biotechnology because they can help you increase

Delays on Deck: European Biotech Approval Process Slow

Farmer voices needed to urge quicker approval of biotech traits What’s next for biotech approvals in one of U.S. soy’s biggest international markets, the European Union? David Green, senior technical consultant for the U.S. Soybean Export Council, says the biggest problem is political interference and delays in the region’s approval process. “The biggest hurdle in

Warning: This Label Could Affect Your Bottom Line

Research Shows How Much GMO Labeling Could Affect Soybean Farmers Mandatory labeling for food made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is a hot topic that pushes farmers’ — and consumers’ — buttons. With the federal government and several states considering, and in some cases passing, legislation requiring mandatory GMO labeling, the national soy checkoff commissioned

It’s Not Just the Facts, It’s the Values

Use shared values to start conversations with consumers about biotechnology, other hot topics Farmers know why they plant seeds enhanced by biotechnology — they help increase production in tough environmental conditions. They eliminate the need for various inputs, saving time and money. And they benefit the environment, such as by reducing the need for tillage.

No Monopolies on Virtue

Mark Lynas receives a lot of hate mail. But the former anti-GMO activist, who recently announced he changed his views and now supports biotechnology, says he’s not inclined to give in to the bullies. We asked this science author and speaker – who is universally credited with starting the anti-GMO movement in Europe – what

Checkoff Leaders Seek to Improve Market Access for Biotech in China

U.S. soybean farmers depend on international biotechnology acceptance in order to keep markets open for U.S. soy. So when China, the U.S. soy industry’s largest international customer, is hesitant to approve new traits, the soy checkoff works to calm fears. United Soybean Board (USB) Past Chairman Jim Stillman and Secretary Lewis Bainbridge recently joined members

Farmer-Funded Innovations: Checkoff Breakthroughs Support On-Farm Profitability

Successful companies in the aviation, communications, computer and medical industries don’t stand still. They find solutions that will keep them a step ahead of the competition. That goes for farmers, too. Need to know more? Check out the most recent edition of Beyond the Bean for more checkoff-funded innovations. Click here Soybean farmers today see the