Inputs vs. ROI

How intensive management can reduce costs without sacrificing yield A lot of predictions for the 2015 crop season and beyond have an element of doom and gloom to them, with crop prices down while input prices invariably continue to rise. Does this scenario have you thinking about where to cut costs? If so, look no

Soy to the World

Biotechnology gains acceptance beyond U.S. borders With Chinese customers buying more than half of U.S. soy exports, they must not have concerns about biotechnology, right? Actually, the opposite is true. Many Chinese consumers, especially moms, have misconceptions about the safety and environmental impacts of genetically modified (GMO) foods. These misconceptions are the target of newly

Soybean Oil Appeals to Local and Health-Food Movements

Relabeling vegetable oil as soybean oil increases sales One item found in most pantries across the United States has roots in soybean fields — and consumers don’t even know it. Soybean oil has been labeled vegetable oil since the 1960s, so many consumers don’t equate this kitchen staple with soy. However, the soy checkoff is

Resources Available to Help Farmers Communicate with Consumers

In the United States, where options are in such abundance, consumers have the ability to make choices about their food. However, with so many opinions about important agricultural topics floating around, it’s important to provide credible information that will help consumers gather a better understanding of agriculture. Consumers are no longer just worried about how

Higher Protein Content Boosts Value of Crop

Soy-checkoff-funded study finds higher quality linked to farmer profitability Farmers have often heard that higher-quality soybeans could generate more value. Now, a new soy-checkoff-funded study shows how much more. The price of soybeans is driven by the combined value of soybean meal, oil and hulls, a measurement known as the estimated processed value (EPV). The