Jumping at the Chance

Harvest Patrol: Iowa farmer hopes high yields still waiting for him when he’s finally ready to combine Like most soybean farmers in Iowa this year, Jim Stillman is looking forward to a bin-busting crop. Now, if he could just find time to harvest it. Between wet fields, soybeans with inconsistent moisture levels and important trade

Making a Comeback With High Oleic Soybean Oil

Soybean oil remains the most-used vegetable oil in the United States, but demand for food has declined sharply since the U.S. trans-fats-labeling requirement took effect in 2006. This greatly reduced domestic demand for partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Food manufacturers primarily have shifted to using palm oil and high oleic canola oil to replace partially hydrogenated

Weigh the Options for Oil

More uses for soybean oil make a stronger market Whether your end-use customer is a master chef, a home baker or an engineer, he or she is looking for something specific from a plant-based oil. As a U.S. soybean farmer, you can be confident that the oil from your crop can meet their needs. Oil customers

Order Up!

The bundle of valuable nutrition your soybeans serve keeps your customers coming back for more View the Full Issue Click here It’s hard to believe that the soybeans in each of the pods growing in your fields pack so much of the nutrition your wide-ranging customers need: from protein, amino acids, energy and minerals for

Understanding Animal Ag Customers’ Needs for Soybean Meal

Serving what your customers demand is good for business. For American soybean farmers, meeting the needs of their biggest customer means growing consistent, high-quality soybeans for the animal agriculture industry. Domestically, animal agriculture uses about 97 percent of the soybean meal consumed in the United States. International customers, who buy more than half of all

Growing Quality Grows Value

Why soybean quality is important to you and your customers Better soybean quality improves demand for U.S. soybean meal, and better demand can increase the value farmers receive. The soy checkoff hosts Beyond the Elevator events across the country, where farmers can hear this message directly from the people buying their crop. Kari Vander Wal,

Coming to the Table

Oil sales managers share insights about high oleic soybean oil In the United States, where gathering around a table for food and conversation is a big part of our culture, it makes sense that food companies are looking for better options for oil. And they are finding a new kind of soybean oil offers them

Family Ties Help Bind

U.S. farming families show European farming families the benefits of biotech More often than not, a good answer to a questions comes down to telling a simple story. So, to illustrate how U.S. soybean farmers use biotechnology to be more sustainable, Doug Winter told policymakers and farmers in the European Union (EU) about his family.