Soy to the World

Biotechnology gains acceptance beyond U.S. borders With Chinese customers buying more than half of U.S. soy exports, they must not have concerns about biotechnology, right? Actually, the opposite is true. Many Chinese consumers, especially moms, have misconceptions about the safety and environmental impacts of genetically modified (GMO) foods. These misconceptions are the target of newly

Soybean Oil Appeals to Local and Health-Food Movements

Relabeling vegetable oil as soybean oil increases sales One item found in most pantries across the United States has roots in soybean fields — and consumers don’t even know it. Soybean oil has been labeled vegetable oil since the 1960s, so many consumers don’t equate this kitchen staple with soy. However, the soy checkoff is

Resources Available to Help Farmers Communicate with Consumers

In the United States, where options are in such abundance, consumers have the ability to make choices about their food. However, with so many opinions about important agricultural topics floating around, it’s important to provide credible information that will help consumers gather a better understanding of agriculture. Consumers are no longer just worried about how

Ag Day a Great Opportunity for Farmer Outreach to Consumers

Checkoff-supported organizations provide resources farmers can use to educate on today’s ag With multiple farming-related topics top of mind for consumers right now, it’s more important than ever for farmers to engage those food purchasers with the true story of today’s agriculture. And there’s no better time to do it than on National Ag Day,

Higher Protein Content Boosts Value of Crop

Soy-checkoff-funded study finds higher quality linked to farmer profitability Farmers have often heard that higher-quality soybeans could generate more value. Now, a new soy-checkoff-funded study shows how much more. The price of soybeans is driven by the combined value of soybean meal, oil and hulls, a measurement known as the estimated processed value (EPV). The

More Protein Can Bring More Value to Soybeans

Higher-quality products are worth more to end users Many people are willing to pay more if it means getting a higher-quality product. As was discussed at CONNECTIONS 2014, the pork sector has been experiencing the benefits of value-added pork for nearly 30 years, and a similar system could possibly be in soy’s future as well.

Celebrating 15 Years of Component Premiums

Over $40 Million in Premiums Paid by AGP Since 1999 Guest editorial by AGP The pennies, nickels and dimes have certainly added up during the 15 years of AGP’s Component Premium Program. Since launching the industry’s first value-based marketing program for soybeans in October of 1999, AGP has paid over $40 million in component premiums.

Higher Quality Increases Soybean Value

Don’t Take Our Word for It – Hear It Straight from the People Buying Your Soybeans Your customers buy soybeans for what’s inside – protein and oil. The more of those quality components you can pack into your soybeans, the greater the demand for them will be. And higher demand often leads to a better

Soy’s New Competitive Edge

Sustainably produced soybeans are more important than ever. Companies, such as General Mills, Land O’Lakes and The Coca-Cola Company are moving toward making this a requirement for all of their ingredients. One company in particular, global consumer-goods giant Unilever, has made a commitment to source 100 percent of its soybeans from farmers who use sustainable

Hand-in-Hand Demand

Americans really love bacon. And we’re not alone. Around the globe, pork is the most widely consumed meat. And while some culinary trends are just a flash in the (frying) pan, consumers’ appetite for pork shows no signs of slowing. Exports were up despite limited supplies of pork in 2014, and larger supplies of pork