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The bundle of valuable nutrition your soybeans serve keeps your customers coming back for more View the Full Issue Click here It’s hard to believe that the soybeans in each of the pods growing in your fields pack so much of the nutrition your wide-ranging customers need: from protein, amino acids, energy and minerals for

Understanding Animal Ag Customers’ Needs for Soybean Meal

Serving what your customers demand is good for business. For American soybean farmers, meeting the needs of their biggest customer means growing consistent, high-quality soybeans for the animal agriculture industry. Domestically, animal agriculture uses about 97 percent of the soybean meal consumed in the United States. International customers, who buy more than half of all

Growing Quality Grows Value

Why soybean quality is important to you and your customers Better soybean quality improves demand for U.S. soybean meal, and better demand can increase the value farmers receive. The soy checkoff hosts Beyond the Elevator events across the country, where farmers can hear this message directly from the people buying their crop. Kari Vander Wal,

Coming to the Table

Oil sales managers share insights about high oleic soybean oil In the United States, where gathering around a table for food and conversation is a big part of our culture, it makes sense that food companies are looking for better options for oil. And they are finding a new kind of soybean oil offers them

Family Ties Help Bind

U.S. farming families show European farming families the benefits of biotech More often than not, a good answer to a questions comes down to telling a simple story. So, to illustrate how U.S. soybean farmers use biotechnology to be more sustainable, Doug Winter told policymakers and farmers in the European Union (EU) about his family.

Exhibit Portrays Ag Authentically, Says Farmer-Adviser

New Smithsonian display shows how ag helped make America great As far back as 2009, Illinois farmer Sharon Covert had discussions with Smithsonian Institution staff about its agriculture exhibits. Her efforts are paying off now that the new American Enterprise exhibit is open at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. More on the Smithsonian

Farmers Give Exhibit a Personal Touch

Smithsonian exhibition features farmer stories and artifacts Whether talking about the use of modern technology and crop production or tracing the history of farming, farmers are the best sources of information. They’re also the ones with the best stories about how agriculture helped shape America. More on the Smithsonian Exhibit:  Telling Ag’s Story Farmers Help

Farmers Help Smithsonian Exhibit Give a True View

‘American Enterprise’ to help tell farmers’ stories to millions of consumers Now open to the public, the much anticipated American Enterprise exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has a strong agricultural flavor, thanks to some dedicated soybean farmers. Nearly a decade in the making, the exhibition focuses on the growth and transformation of

Inputs vs. ROI

How intensive management can reduce costs without sacrificing yield A lot of predictions for the 2015 crop season and beyond have an element of doom and gloom to them, with crop prices down while input prices invariably continue to rise. Does this scenario have you thinking about where to cut costs? If so, look no