A Well-Oiled Machine

Industry teamwork grows oil business for soybean farmers When industry leaders unite to achieve a common goal, big things happen. Take for example high oleic soybeans, on which suppliers, farmers and buyers have come together to create big opportunities for the whole industry, from farmers to consumers. View the Full Issue Click here Monsanto and

Better Together

Soy checkoff’s network of partners maximizes supply, demand and returns for U.S. soybean farmers It’s really very simple. Your soy checkoff has one mission: Maximize profit opportunities for U.S. soybean farmers. But that’s a massive undertaking – one that the checkoff can’t do alone. In order to be truly successful, collaboration with partners is vital. View

Chefs Make the Case for High Oleic Soybean Oil

Checkoff’s demand-building efforts continue to line up advocates for the innovative oil The soy checkoff supports high oleic soybeans by simultaneously building supply and demand. As part of its demand-building strategy, the checkoff educates the food industry on the benefits of high oleic soybean oil, even partnering with restaurants to test the oil in their

Innovation Beyond the Bushel

Innovating for your customers adds value to U.S. soy You study your crops and make connections to determine why had the outcomes you did. Then, you carefully and meticulously tweak your practices, never satisfied with maintaining the status quo, but always looking to move forward and achieve more. You’re a farmer, but you’re also an

Into the Frying Pan

High oleic soybean oil is put to the test People have been frying food for more than 4,500 years, making everything from alligator to zucchini undeniably delicious. Despite the overwhelming consensus that fried foods are good for the taste buds, the U.S. population has expressed increasing concern in recent years about the potential health impacts

Checkoff Helps Rev Up Lubricants Market for Soybean Farmers

High oleic soy-based motor oil could hold millions of gallons of opportunity for U.S. farmers Motorists could begin seeing a new motor oil made with high oleic soybean oil on shelves in just a few years, thanks in part to soy-checkoff-funded research. The checkoff partnered with renewable chemical manufacturer Biosynthetic Technologies to achieve a key

Checkoff Research Helps Open Motor Oil Market to High Oleic Soy

Company leverages farmer dollars into funding to build high oleic-based motor oil plant ST. LOUIS (March 8, 2016) – The sustainability of U.S. soybeans has led to a new market opportunity for the very farmers who grow them. Renewable chemical manufacturer Biosynthetic Technologies recently leveraged U.S. soybean farmer dollars into government funding it will use to

Sustainably Grown, Locally Sourced

High oleic soybean oil is just what the consumer ordered As food customers continue to ask for high-functioning and sustainable products, soybean farmers need to produce oil that meets those needs. High oleic soybeans are a promising option to expand markets. “One of the most important things for food manufacturers is distance from the crop

Big Payoff for Betting on High Oleic

Reason No. 5 to grow high oleic: Ohio farmer reaps rewards for converting operation to high oleic When it comes to high oleic soybeans, Ohio farmer John Motter is all in … quite literally. Motter has been growing high oleic soybeans since 2011 and, today, plants 100 percent of his soybean acres to high oleic

High Oleic Deliveries a Stone’s Throw Away

Reason No. 4 to grow high oleic: Maryland farmer reduces transportation costs with local deliveries While many farmers are focusing on declining soybean prices, Maryland farmer Steve Moore is focusing on his declining transportation costs. That’s because, for the third year, Moore is growing high oleic soybeans. “I choose to plant high oleic because the