Healthy Competition

High oleic soybean oil is uniquely positioned to compete with canola, palm and sunflower oils. With oil offering enhanced nutritional properties and high heat functionality, high oleic soybeans can help soybean farmers reclaim the 4 billion pounds of demand lost to other oils. Once the soybean industry realizes its goal of 18 million acres by

Three Things to Explore about High Oleic Soybeans

A new website from the soy checkoff,, helps farmers discover the benefits and profit potential of high oleic soybeans. Find answers to your questions about how you can expect high oleic varieties to perform in your field, how easy it will be for you to market the beans, as well as other key information

Processor Shows Long-Term Commitment to High Oleic

With the acreage planted to high oleic varieties growing each year, a prominent soybean processor is committing to the success of high oleic varieties by strengthening its ability to market the crop’s high-functioning soybean oil. Perdue Agribusiness, based in Salisbury, Maryland, is constructing new tanks to store high oleic soybean oil. Such a commitment showcases

The Quest for Customer Innovation

High Oleic Soybeans: Delivering Now and into the Future It’s not often that farmers radically change the way they produce a crop. But when it happens, it can make a major, positive impact on their profitability. Take the pork industry, for example. In the early 1990s, consumer preferences and Smithfield’s push for more lean meat

Growing the Value of U.S. Soy Together

High oleic and commodity soybeans High oleic soybeans give soybean farmers more marketing options than ever before. While commodity soybeans will continue to supply current markets, high oleic soybeans produce an oil with high heat stability to attract additional food and industrial markets. High oleic soybeans require only a few extra handling steps with the

High Oleic Soybean Oil Opens Up New Opportunities for Industrial Uses

Enhanced functionality will lead to more options The industrial uses for commodity soybean oil are widely known, and there have been recent stories about the amazing opportunities that high oleic soybean oil brings to the food industry. High oleic soybean oil offers a lot of industrial opportunities, as well. Currently, you can find soybean oil

High Oleic Soybeans Perform During Summer 2014

Every summer, farmers keep a careful eye on their crops, assessing which fields need more water, evaluating pest problems, and noticing which seeds are yielding as expected. Among the farmers prepping for harvest, farmer-leader John Motter of Jenera, Ohio is finishing his fourth season of growing high oleic soybeans. Over four years, Motter has seen

High Oleic Soybean Farmers Play Hero in Summer Blockbuster

Science-fiction movies, novels and television shows often leave audiences wondering what the future will look like. Unfortunately for soybean farmers and agriculture enthusiasts, no 2014 summer blockbusters have been announced about a future in which the soy industry has reached its goal of 18 million acres of high oleic by 2023. If such a movie

High Oleic Ignites High-Heat Industrial Opportunities

High oleic soybeans are stirring excitement in the motor oil industry, a field previously untouched by the soybean market. The soy checkoff recently funded a study that led to certification by the American Petroleum Institute (API) of a high oleic biosynthetic oil, manufactured by Biosynthetic Technologies. API certification is required for all motor oils, and