Big Payoff for Betting on High Oleic

Reason No. 5 to grow high oleic: Ohio farmer reaps rewards for converting operation to high oleic When it comes to high oleic soybeans, Ohio farmer John Motter is all in … quite literally. Motter has been growing high oleic soybeans since 2011 and, today, plants 100 percent of his soybean acres to high oleic

High Oleic Deliveries a Stone’s Throw Away

Reason No. 4 to grow high oleic: Maryland farmer reduces transportation costs with local deliveries While many farmers are focusing on declining soybean prices, Maryland farmer Steve Moore is focusing on his declining transportation costs. That’s because, for the third year, Moore is growing high oleic soybeans. “I choose to plant high oleic because the

In Times of Trouble, Turn to High Oleic

Reason No. 3 to grow high oleic: Pennsylvania farmer’s profit goes up as soybean prices go down Over the last several years, there have been countless agricultural innovations that have increased farmer profitability. Advances in farm equipment, herbicides and seed technology are a few that come to mind. For Pennsylvania farmer Bill Beam, profitable innovation

Demand Makes a Difference

Reason No. 2 to grow high oleic: High oleic soybean oil expands uses for U.S. soybeans High oleic soybean oil expands uses for U.S.-grown soybeans, which gives soybean farmers more demand for their products. Mike Beard chose to devote a portion of his soybean acres to high oleic soybean varieties because he’s excited about growing

Premium Price without Premium Work

Reason No. 1 to grow high oleic: Michigan farmer says varieties offer extra value without changes to production practices There’s an adage in sales that the key to success is giving customers what they want. As a soybean farmer, Herb Miller takes this to heart. It’s one reason he planted some of the soybean acres

Expanding Uses for High Oleic Soybeans

How high oleic soybean oil could end up in your engine The soy checkoff has collaborated with researchers to develop new markets for high oleic soybean oil, and recent results could make your engine a customer for these soybeans. Most people keep their engines running smoothly with motor oil derived from petroleum. As consumers continue

Making a Comeback With High Oleic Soybean Oil

Soybean oil remains the most-used vegetable oil in the United States, but demand for food has declined sharply since the U.S. trans-fats-labeling requirement took effect in 2006. This greatly reduced domestic demand for partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Food manufacturers primarily have shifted to using palm oil and high oleic canola oil to replace partially hydrogenated

Weigh the Options for Oil

More uses for soybean oil make a stronger market Whether your end-use customer is a master chef, a home baker or an engineer, he or she is looking for something specific from a plant-based oil. As a U.S. soybean farmer, you can be confident that the oil from your crop can meet their needs. Oil customers