Family Ties Help Bind

U.S. farming families show European farming families the benefits of biotech More often than not, a good answer to a questions comes down to telling a simple story. So, to illustrate how U.S. soybean farmers use biotechnology to be more sustainable, Doug Winter told policymakers and farmers in the European Union (EU) about his family.

A Billion Bushels and Growing

Checkoff looks beyond China for more export diversity and growth China’s appetite for soybeans is well documented and shows little sign of being satisfied. As the world’s No. 1 soybean importer and U.S. soybean farmers’ top export customer, China’s total soybean consumption is expected to top 3 billion bushels this year. In 2014, China imported

Get In, Get Out

Planting Patrol: New technology improves efficiency for Nebraska farmer Greg Greving’s goal during planting season is pretty simple: Get as much done as we can every day, and get out as soon as possible.  The soybean farmer from Chapman, Nebraska says, “We’re up at first light, and when the sun goes down, we shut our

Transportation Troubles Threaten South American Soy Exports

On the heels of a strike in February and March, the trucking industry in Brazil is threatening yet another work stoppage that could place strain on the movement of South American soy into position for export. Below, U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) consultant and Argentina-based grain-marketing analyst Pablo Adreani provides an update on this developing situation

Soy to the World

Biotechnology gains acceptance beyond U.S. borders With Chinese customers buying more than half of U.S. soy exports, they must not have concerns about biotechnology, right? Actually, the opposite is true. Many Chinese consumers, especially moms, have misconceptions about the safety and environmental impacts of genetically modified (GMO) foods. These misconceptions are the target of newly

Soy Checkoff Positions U.S. Soy Industry as Global Leader

Upcoming gathering of global oilseed industry will give U.S. soy family an opportunity to lead When farmer-leaders of the United Soybean Board (USB) wrote the organization’s current long-range strategic plan, they included their vision that U.S. soybeans will be the leader of the global oilseed industry. This summer, USB will join the American Soybean Association

Heading South for the Winter

As a U.S soybean farmer, you likely know that your biggest rivalry in the international marketplace comes from the South American behemoth, Brazil, which edged out the United States as the top exporter of soybeans last year. But how much do you really know about your counterparts in the southern hemisphere? Phil Corzine could tell

Sizing Up the Competition

As demand for soy grows along with the world’s population, competition for that burgeoning market grows, too. Today, as U.S. soy enjoys historic demand all over the world, it also must fend off rising competition for share of the market. Competition is everywhere. U.S. soy is competing against other countries, other feed sources and other

Shipping Soy Relieves Bursting Bins

Soybean exports continue to rise, while domestic use stays steady With U.S. soybean production continuing to increase each year, the soybean industry is making sure all these soybeans have places to go. How can the soybean industry continue to secure international demand? It’s all in the research.    Click here While domestic use of soybeans