A Well-Oiled Machine

Industry teamwork grows oil business for soybean farmers When industry leaders unite to achieve a common goal, big things happen. Take for example high oleic soybeans, on which suppliers, farmers and buyers have come together to create big opportunities for the whole industry, from farmers to consumers. View the Full Issue Click here Monsanto and

Chefs Make the Case for High Oleic Soybean Oil

Checkoff’s demand-building efforts continue to line up advocates for the innovative oil The soy checkoff supports high oleic soybeans by simultaneously building supply and demand. As part of its demand-building strategy, the checkoff educates the food industry on the benefits of high oleic soybean oil, even partnering with restaurants to test the oil in their

Into the Frying Pan

High oleic soybean oil is put to the test People have been frying food for more than 4,500 years, making everything from alligator to zucchini undeniably delicious. Despite the overwhelming consensus that fried foods are good for the taste buds, the U.S. population has expressed increasing concern in recent years about the potential health impacts

Checkoff Helps Rev Up Lubricants Market for Soybean Farmers

High oleic soy-based motor oil could hold millions of gallons of opportunity for U.S. farmers Motorists could begin seeing a new motor oil made with high oleic soybean oil on shelves in just a few years, thanks in part to soy-checkoff-funded research. The checkoff partnered with renewable chemical manufacturer Biosynthetic Technologies to achieve a key

What’ll They Think of Next?

A quarter-century of soy new uses Environmental Protection Agency pressure to reduce emissions in the 1980s prompted the printing industry to look for a replacement for petroleum-based ink. Soy-based ink fit the bill and even enhanced the color in newspapers, while lowering printing costs. Thanks in part to efforts by the American Soybean Association, soybean

Tapping New Uses for Soy

Research pays dividends as industrial demand steadily increases If necessity is the mother of invention, the soy checkoff could qualify as soy innovation’s favorite aunt. Checkoff support has helped researchers discover new uses for soy that have increased demand by almost 700 percent in a decade…and the numbers keep growing each year. More on New

Taking the Road Less Traveled

Thousands of miles of roads await soy-based asphalt ingredient More on New Uses:  What’ll They Think of Next? Tapping New Uses for Soy 29 New Industrial Products Open New Markets for Soy All roads lead to … new uses for U.S. soybeans? That’s the vision of Eric Cochran and his team at Iowa State University’s

It’s All in the Family

Through Bioheat®, family-owned soybean farms are supporting other family businesses Allison Heaney is the third-generation owner of a family heating oil business in New York City, and she’s turning to a product with roots on family-owned soybean farms to help her company keep up with customer demand. More on Bioheat:  New York Remains Committed to

New York Remains Committed to Bioheat® and Biodiesel

Whether for transportation fuel, heating oil, or simply to help clean up the air, New Yorkers are committed to using biodiesel and the biodiesel-based home heating oil alternative known as Bioheat®. Read about a few of the leaders driving demand for U.S. soybean oil through increased biodiesel usage in the Big Apple. New York City