More People Waking Up to the Health Benefits of Soy

Around the world, the perception of soy as a nutritious ingredient in human food has people looking for new ways of incorporating it into their diets. For example, soy’s health benefits led to the purchase of 1.3 million fresh soy milk machines in China in 2013 alone, according to international food-packaging company Tetra Pak. And,

Go West, Young Beans

Oil sales managers share insights about high oleic soybean oil In the 19th century, author Horace Greeley’s entreaty for Civil War veterans, “Go West, young man,” resonated with people willing to work hard for the opportunities embedded in the fertile farmland of the western United States. Today, some farmers west of the Mississippi River will

Food Facts

Five things you should know about removing partially hydrogenated oils More on Soybean Oil:  Go West, Young Beans Increasing Oil Content Could Improve Meal Quality The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this summer that it plans to phase out partially hydrogenated oils from food products during the next three years. With 2 billion pounds

High Five for Soy

Five significant new uses for soy developed with checkoff support In the last 10 years, industrial use of soybean oil and oil by-products in the United States, not including biodiesel, has increased from 619 million pounds to more than 1.4 billion pounds, thanks in large part to research funded by U.S. soybean farmers. Below are

The Dish on High Oleic Soybean Oil

With so many benefits, Food Network chef uses high oleic soybean oil to bring the heat in her kitchen Food Network star Emily Ellyn believes in the importance of producing high-quality food in her kitchens. At a recent event for QUALISOY, Ellyn cooked several dishes using only high oleic soybean oil. Afterward, she had rave

Soybean Oil Still a “Solid” Option

Since 2006, store shelves have been filled with fewer and fewer items that contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil. That’s because the food-labeling law that went into effect that year led to the replacement of 2 billion pounds worth of soybean oil with palm shortening in various products. Small sticker, big difference. Relabeling vegetable oil as

Demand Aplenty for Commodity and High Oleic Soybeans

The fact that pants now contain a zipper did not lead to the extinction of the button. It simply means that each has its own uses and customers. A similar situation exists today with soybean oil. High oleic soybeans can fulfill unique needs for food and industrial soybean oil users, but that does not diminish

Soybean Oil Appeals to Local and Health-Food Movements

Relabeling vegetable oil as soybean oil increases sales One item found in most pantries across the United States has roots in soybean fields — and consumers don’t even know it. Soybean oil has been labeled vegetable oil since the 1960s, so many consumers don’t equate this kitchen staple with soy. However, the soy checkoff is