Sustainably Grown, Locally Sourced

High oleic soybean oil is just what the consumer ordered As food customers continue to ask for high-functioning and sustainable products, soybean farmers need to produce oil that meets those needs. High oleic soybeans are a promising option to expand markets. “One of the most important things for food manufacturers is distance from the crop

Sustainability Throwdown

Step on up and watch as two global heavyweights go toe-to-toe View the Full Issue Click here The two global heavyweights in soybean production meet again and again to compete for the title of “most sustainable soybeans” in the match of the century – the United States vs. Brazil! How do these two soy champs

Sustainability Is Good for Business

Soybean meal customer makes sustainability a business priority What do your meal customers think about sustainability, and how does it impact you? Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest producers of meat and poultry, is an important player in the soybean meal value chain, and that company’s commitment to sustainability has ramifications that could extend to soybean

Certified Sustainable Demand Grows

Selling U.S. soy’s sustainability to the world As more consumers show interest in sustainably sourced ingredients, more customers of U.S. soy need to prove that the raw ingredients they buy – such as U.S. soybean meal for animal feed – are produced in a sustainable manner. View the Full Issue Click here To demonstrate U.S. soybean farmers’ sustainability, the

Up Close and Personal

See for Yourself participants hear firsthand what their customers want from their soybeans It likely comes as no surprise to many farmers that factors like quality and price are necessary pieces of the soybean-purchasing equation for customers both at home and abroad. “While in China and Vietnam on the See for Yourself program, we, as

Ready, Willing And Sustainable

U.S. soybean farmers take on the challenge of meeting customers’ sustainability demands When asked why sustainability matters to them, a majority of soybean farmers respond that it’s because they intend to pass their land on to their children so they can continue the family farming legacy. For most farmers, that legacy includes generations of environmental

U.S. Soy Casts a Wide Net

Fish farms in China save costs with sustainable technology developed by the checkoff, increasing U.S. soy demand The soy checkoff has not only been working to keep sustainability strong in the United States, it also has been doing so across the globe, sharing sustainability practices with other countries – along with the benefits of U.S. soy.

Who’s Demanding Sustainable Soy?

Food companies are responding to consumer demands Sustainability has become a prolific word in recent years for the public and agriculture alike. But for farmers, sustainability has been a wordless concept that’s driven their operations from day one. If a practice isn’t profitable, and doesn’t maintain land and resources for the next generation, it doesn’t

Start Spreadin’ the News

Now is the time to tell the world what sustainability really is “Sustainable” is a word many farmers avoid using. Stung by complaints of armchair agrarians, too many of us fear that what environmentalists really mean by “sustainable farming” is less farming. We need to be bolder. Instead of avoiding the word, why not embrace

Growing a Sustainable Legacy

First-generation farmer does whatever it takes to be sustainable Becoming a farmer was Nathan Brown’s childhood dream. Though his immediate family didn’t farm, he grew up around farms in Hillsboro, Ohio, and always had an interest in crops and livestock. And while farming methods have changed since that time, his desire to farm hasn’t. View