5 Considerations When Planning Your Crop Rotation

Crop rotation has been a cornerstone of sustainable farming for thousands of years, but the practice has become more complex over time. There are many factors that today’s farmers need to contemplate when developing their rotational plans. Seth Naeve, Ph.D., University of Minnesota associate professor and extension soybean agronomist, offers a quick rundown of five

Prevent Yield from Washing Away

Diversified Crop Rotations Key to Preventing Erosion Rick Cruse is on a mission to save Iowa’s most valuable resource: its soil. Cruse, an agronomy professor at Iowa State University, has conducted erosion studies across the state and is spreading the word about soil-conservation practices. He says there are three keys to keeping soil in place.

Researchers Find Crop Rotation Boosts Soil Microbes, Plant Growth & Sustainability

Crop rotation has long been viewed as a sustainable farming practice with many benefits, and a recent multi-university study sheds new light on the subject. A first-of-its-kind study by researchers at Michigan State University and the University of New Hampshire shows crop rotations, in isolation from other management factors, can increase the functions performed by

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Practical Applications When farmers apply pesticides, they’re managing so much more than weed and insect pressure. They’re also managing their profit potential, their sustainability efforts and, to some extent, the crop-health of their neighbors. Together, all these factors give farmers a wide range of variables to consider to ensure their pesticide and herbicide applications are accurate and strike

Growing Demand with Data

Three ways farmers can use data to meet demands for sustainability Soy consumers around the world are increasingly focused on how soybeans are grown. Farmers looking to demonstrate their sustainability as a way to increase soy demand may find an ally in their data. Information that farmers routinely gather can support their case. Here are

Defining Sustainability

Matching terminology with customers could boost demand View the Full Issue Click here You may not ponder the sustainability of the products you buy at the grocery store each week – but many people do. More than half of the consumers surveyed last year by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), which represents more