Brazil Transportation Improvements Cause Concern

Infrastructure gains could shrink window for U.S. soy exports The United States is the world’s leading soybean producer, and right now it has the rivers, roads and rails to move all those soybeans from field to market. However, this status may not be sustained without continued investment in the U.S. transportation system. Brazilian soybean farmers

Sustainability Throwdown

Step on up and watch as two global heavyweights go toe-to-toe View the Full Issue Click here The two global heavyweights in soybean production meet again and again to compete for the title of “most sustainable soybeans” in the match of the century – the United States vs. Brazil! How do these two soy champs

Soy Checkoff Keeps Tabs on Transportation Issues

Congestion at Brazilian ports, U.S. port labor disputes and market access issues impact U.S. soybean farmers More on Transportation:  Brazilian Soybean Boom Continues Despite Challenges It’s Time to Cross That Bridge Panama Canal Expansion Opening Plans May Have Sprung a Leak U.S. Soybean Farmers Continue to Deliver on What Customers Want The U.S. transportation system

It’s Time to Cross That Bridge

3 facts about how impassable bridges could affect you after harvest After harvest, soybean farmers are focused on getting the fruits of their labor from fields to destinations. One of the obstacles U.S. farmers face on this mission is impassable bridges. When a farmer encounters an impassable bridge, he or she must find a new

Video: Lock and Dam Tour

Take a Virtual Tour through a Lock Have you ever been curious as to how your soybeans travel through the U.S. inland-waterway system? Come along on this virtual tour created by the soy checkoff that showcases how locks help move U.S. soybeans. This video takes viewers on a quick tour to show how locks work

Transportation Troubles Threaten South American Soy Exports

On the heels of a strike in February and March, the trucking industry in Brazil is threatening yet another work stoppage that could place strain on the movement of South American soy into position for export. Below, U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) consultant and Argentina-based grain-marketing analyst Pablo Adreani provides an update on this developing situation

The Value of Quality

Quality is the part of basis you can control Put simply, basis is the difference between the local cash price you can get at any given time from your elevator and the futures price on the Chicago Board of Trade. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything simple about calculating basis. Many factors play a part in the