Video: Lock and Dam Tour

Take a Virtual Tour through a Lock Have you ever been curious as to how your soybeans travel through the U.S. inland-waterway system? Come along on this virtual tour created by the soy checkoff that showcases how locks help move U.S. soybeans. This video takes viewers on a quick tour to show how locks work

Transportation Troubles Threaten South American Soy Exports

On the heels of a strike in February and March, the trucking industry in Brazil is threatening yet another work stoppage that could place strain on the movement of South American soy into position for export. Below, U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) consultant and Argentina-based grain-marketing analyst Pablo Adreani provides an update on this developing situation

The Value of Quality

Quality is the part of basis you can control Put simply, basis is the difference between the local cash price you can get at any given time from your elevator and the futures price on the Chicago Board of Trade. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything simple about calculating basis. Many factors play a part in the

Ready Or Not…

Panama Canal expansion could boost U.S. soy’s competitive advantage A looming deadline is fast approaching for U.S. soy’s competitive advantage. By the end of December, construction on the Panama Canal expansion will be completed. The eventual opening of this expansion will give exporters the opportunity to more efficiently move products, such as U.S. soybeans, to

Predictability Pays

Imagine losing $3 million from your bottom line because something didn’t arrive on time. This is exactly what happened to a feed company in Thailand when a shipment of soybeans didn’t arrive in the time frame promised. The company was forced to source soybeans from the domestic market and had to pay the difference in

Heading South for the Winter

As a U.S soybean farmer, you likely know that your biggest rivalry in the international marketplace comes from the South American behemoth, Brazil, which edged out the United States as the top exporter of soybeans last year. But how much do you really know about your counterparts in the southern hemisphere? Phil Corzine could tell

Sizing Up the Competition

As demand for soy grows along with the world’s population, competition for that burgeoning market grows, too. Today, as U.S. soy enjoys historic demand all over the world, it also must fend off rising competition for share of the market. Competition is everywhere. U.S. soy is competing against other countries, other feed sources and other

Checkoff-Funded Survey Identifies Best- and Worst-Performing Railroads

Union Pacific reclaimed its position as the top-performing railroad, followed by Norfolk Southern Railway, in the Soy Transportation Coalition’s (STC’s) fifth annual Railroad Report Card, a survey of agricultural shippers based on the railroads’ on-time performance, customer service and cost. Survey respondents ranked Canadian Pacific in last place for the fourth year in a row.