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For soybean farmers wanting to know more about their customers beyond the elevator, and the soy checkoff’s role in marketing U.S. soy to those customers, the United Soybean Board (USB) invites them to participate in the checkoff’s See for Yourself program. The program is scheduled to take place August 15-22 and USB will cover all related rooming, meal and travel expenses.

All U.S. soybean farmers over the age of 18 can apply now for the seventh annual See for Yourself program through April 4.

Are you interested in the United Soybean Board’s (USB’s) See for Yourself (SfY) program but still unsure if it’s right for you? Read below for a few thoughts from past SfY participants on why they think you should apply for the program today!

What would you say to a farmer who is considering applying for the program?

peter-bakken-headshot“The analogy I have used here at home is, ‘Why do you like to go to a concert of your favorite musician when you can listen to it on the radio or digitally? It’s the experience of seeing and hearing that musician personally, up close and for yourself.’ No picture can make an impact on you like seeing those ships lined up at the Panama Canal.”

Peter Bakken, 2013 See for Yourself participant and soybean farmer from Garretson, S.D.

Do you feel you have a better understanding of your soy checkoff?

jeff-heimerl-headshot“Definitely. Anybody can read how soy checkoff funds are being used to help the American farmer, but to experience those efforts first-hand really shows just how effective and necessary the checkoff is. I was able to see how funds are used abroad to promote exports, thus providing more profitable options when farmers go to market their soybeans.”

Jeff Heimerl, 2013 See for Yourself participant and soybean farmer from Pataskala, Ohio

What part of the program was the most eye-opening for you?

jonathan-gibbs-headshot“I took away a lot of information from our roundtable discussion with our customers in Colombia. They want to integrate more animal protein into their people’s diets, and they’d like us to be part of that process. I also learned the value of good infrastructure, and that without it, the cost of a product can go substantially higher once you ship it to the end user.”

Jonathan Gibbs, 2013 See for Yourself participant and soybean farmer from Fox Lake, Wis.

Looking back on your SfY experience, what was your overall impression of the program?

austin-rincker-headshot“The See for Yourself tour was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It allowed me to learn more about the soybean industry and gave me a better understanding on how USB operates. I would highly recommend the program to any farmer.”

Austin Rincker, 2013 See for Yourself participant and soybean farmer from Moweaqua, Ill.

Ready to apply for See for Yourself?  Go to the application now

Want to hear more about the See for Yourself program? AgDay reporter Tyne Morgan joined the 2013 tour and compiled a special 30-minute feature on the program. Click here to learn more about See for Yourself from AgDay!

A Look Back

Interested in what you’ll experience while on the program? Check out the following videos, which take a look back at the 2012 and 2013 See for Yourself experiences.

Also view the recap of the 2012 See for Yourself program.

Ready to apply for See for Yourself?  Go to the application now