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For soybean farmers wanting to know more about their customers beyond the elevator, and the soy checkoff’s role in marketing U.S. soy to those customers, the United Soybean Board (USB) invites them to participate in the checkoff’s See for Yourself program. The program is scheduled to take place July 30 – August 7, 2015,  and USB will cover all related rooming, meal and travel expenses.

All U.S. soybean farmers over the age of 18 can apply now for the seventh annual See for Yourself program through April 4.

Are you interested in the United Soybean Board’s (USB’s) See for Yourself (SfY) program but still unsure if it’s right for you? Read below for a few thoughts from past SfY participants on why they think you should apply for the program today!

Matt Hinderer – Chelsea, Michigan soybean farmer MattHinderer_newsletter

“The See for Yourself program will allow you to meet with U.S. soybean customers. During the program, I was able to really see their perspective of U.S. soy and the value we, as U.S soybean farmers, bring to their operations. I’ve also become more involved with my soy checkoff since See for Yourself. Before, I was somewhat familiar with the checkoff but seeing the in-depth layers of the soybean family has made me realize there are more opportunities than just being involved at the state level. If you’re a farmer and are interested in learning more about those opportunities, looking at the markets and learning about the international side of soybean production, I highly recommend applying for See for Yourself.”


Brennan Gilkison – Winchester, Kentucky soybean farmer Brennan_Gilkison_newsletter

“One thing farmers will take away from SFY is networking, which is very important in our operation. This program allowed me to network with USB farmer-leaders and other soybean farmers from around the country. I was also able to see where our product goes both domestically and internationally. See for Yourself provided a more concrete view of what actually happens beyond the elevator. Since See for Yourself, I’ve been involved a lot with my local soybean board as well as other organizations.”


Kyle Bridgeforth – Tanner, Alabama soybean farmer Kyle_Bridgeforth_newsletter

“The most beneficial part about the See for Yourself program was seeing that we have so much global support in the soybean industry, and we have people promoting our products in countries all around the world. I’ve also been able to take a lot of the information I learned back to my farm and state board. For example, I was able to explain that for every dollar we invest in the checkoff, we get a return of $5.20. The See for Yourself program is an eye-opening experience that gives farmers a good birds-eye view of the global process for soybeans.”


Ready to apply for See for Yourself?  Go to the application now

Want to hear more about the See for Yourself program? AgDay reporter Tyne Morgan joined the 2013 tour and compiled a special 30-minute feature on the program. Click here to learn more about See for Yourself from AgDay!

A Look Back

Interested in what you’ll experience while on the program? Check out the following videos, which take a look back at the 2013 and 2014 See for Yourself experiences.

Also view the recap of the 2013 See for Yourself program.

Ready to apply for See for Yourself?  Go to the application now