Sustainable Practices this Fall can Boost Returns Next Season

U.S. soybean farmers are committed to continous improvement and making sure the land they farm now is prosperous for years to come. After harvest is a good time for farmers to implement best practices that will sustainably prepare their fields for bigger yields next year.

Farmers can uses sustainable practices to maintain high yields and profitable operations without large outlays of cash. Find out more at

5 Post-Harvest Practices to Boost Yield Sustainably

  1. Soil Sampling - Following harvest, collect soil samples to test soil fertility and nematodes.
  2. Drainage - Increase the productivity of a poorly drained soil by installing drainage improvements.
  3. Fall Tillage - Check soil for compaction or rutting to determine need for fall tillage.
  4. Cover Crops - Keep soils covered through the winter and during vulnerable times of the year to retain nitrogen and soil on farm fields.
  5. Weed Management - Make fall herbicide applications to control winter annual weeds and scout for weeds that survived herbicide application to prevent resistance.