Farm Machinery Innovations

Advancements in farm equipment occur almost daily. Whether it is an improvement in design, capability, ease of operation or data collection, today’s machinery is designed to help soybean farmers be more productive and efficient.

New innovations in farm equipment are widespread throughout the industry. Each year, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) presents the AE50 Award, which celebrates product innovations in the areas of agricultural, food and biological systems. The award-winning products are those ranked highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact on the market served.

Following is a list* of 2016 AE50 award-winning equipment that soybean farmers may find useful for their operations.

The United Soybean Board neither recommends nor discourages the implementation of any advice contained herein and is not liable for the use or misuse of the information provided.

*All product descriptions in this list came from the ASABE and were edited for length.

Planting/Seeding Equipment

AGCO Sunflower 9830NT Series Single-Disc Air Drill

AGCO’s Sunflower 9830NT Series single-disc air drill is a single rank, single-disc opener system that provides high-speed seeding performance. The 175-bushel tank consists of two commodity chambers divided in a 60/40 split, providing a seed capacity of 5.83 bushels per foot. The seed is accurately metered through a stainless steel metering system with a dedicated meter flute for each row. The ISO task controllers and electric meter drives provide responsive rate change with three-section zone control and seed-rate-turn compensation. The AgControl™ system controls each meter shaft by section.

Case IH Early Riser® 2150 Front-Fold Planter

The Case IH Early Riser® 2150 Front-Fold Planter is the first planter that can be factory ordered in configurations ranging from a basic machine to a high-technology customized planter, all within a common model. Available technologies include pneumatic row-unit tillage tools, passive pneumatic or active hydraulic row-unit down pressure, wing down-force, spring or pneumatic closing systems, electric-drive vacuum seed meters with speed-based vacuum level control, gravity-drop seed tubes or seed delivery conveyors, liquid-fertilizer-delivery system with section control or individual-row shutoffs and electric-drive granular-product delivery system. The operator controls all systems from a single in-cab display.

John Deere 1870 76-Foot Air Seeding Tool

The 76-foot-wide 1870 Air Seeding Tool increases productivity by seeding more acres per hour. It features TruSet™ depth control, dual-acting cylinders on improved tine openers, a heavy-duty frame designed for increased draft and tow loads, a floating hitch for improved ground following, an opener pattern optimized for residue flow, an improved seed blockage detection system and 36 percent greater working width compared with previous offerings.

John Deere DB60T Planter

The John Deere DB60T is a 72-row 60-foot twin-row planter that contains MaxEmerge5™ twin-row pairs spaced 8 inches apart. Each pair is spaced on 20-inch centers, allowing use of a typical 20-inch corn head during harvest. More uniform seed placement is achieved with this spacing, reducing plant-to-plant competition. The DB60T was developed for use with high-population varieties. Up to 225,000 seeds per acre are possible for soybeans at 9 mph.

John Deere Pneumatic Closing Wheel Control

The John Deere planter closing-wheel-control system improves on the existing ExactEmerge™ and MaxEmerge5™ row units to deliver enhanced control and capability of the seed-trench-closing system. Proper seed-to-soil interaction is critical for seed germination. As soil conditions change, the closing force may also need to change to achieve optimal closing performance. This system is fully adjustable from the cab and provides a larger range of applied force as well as smaller adjustment increments.

New Holland Flexi-Coil® P Series Air Carts

New Holland’s Flexi-Coil® P Series Air Carts provide accurate, reliable air-seeding delivery. Each primary run on the IntelliRate™ Modular Metering System (IMMS) operates using independent 24 VDC motors with integrated controls that accurately apply product in either single-shoot or double-shoot applications. This modular system can combine any tank to any primary run. The IMMS system adjusts the rates of individual runs to match the number of ports for each header, maintaining seeding accuracy across the width of the drill.

Fertilizer/Pesticide Application

John Deere 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment

The 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment increases nutrient placement capability and improves accuracy while reducing field passes. By adding the onboard dry-tank attachment, dry nutrients and anhydrous can be applied in a single pass. The 2510H with Dry Nutrient Attachment can apply all three primary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) and micronutrients below the soil surface during fall, pre-plant and side-dress seasons. The subsurface placement greatly reduces runoff and other losses, resulting in more nutrients available to the plant.

Pentair Closed System Cleanload

The Closed System Cleanload provides safe and efficient measurement, mixing and loading of dry or liquid formulations onto a sprayer with minimal exposure to pesticides. Within the sealed enclosure are all the requirements for measuring the chemicals, triple rinsing the containers for disposal and mixing the formulation into a saturated solution that is then loaded onto the sprayer. This closed system separates the product handler from the chemical and allows the product handler to work safely without the need for full-body protective clothing.


CLAAS XERION 4000-5000 Series Tractors

The CLAAS XERION 4000-5000 Series 4×4 tractors feature the strength of a rigid frame, a turning radius tighter than that of an articulated tractor, the efficiency of a CVT transmission and a unique rotating cab. The TRAC VC cab option allows 180 degrees rotation at the touch of a button. All in-cab controls are reoriented based on the direction the cab is facing. The rigid frame eliminates the weak point of an articulated joint while providing greater stability. High-capacity axles and five different steering modes, including standard, crab, synchronous, control lever and four-wheel, ensure maximum maneuverability. The CVT transmission, unique to tractors of this size, eliminates the constant shifts of a traditional gearbox for precise speed control while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Fendt 500 Vario Tractor

The Fendt 500 Vario tractor consolidates the innovations and features of Fendt’s higher-horsepower offerings into an expanded product line in North America, ranging from 110 to 150 horsepower. The Fendt 500 Vario comes equipped with the Varioterminal, which unites all functions for both tractor and implement controls, including the VarioGuide automatic steering system, VarioDoc documentation system, and built-in camera function. The Fendt VisioPlus cab curves up into the roof and offers nearly triple the upward angle of sight.

New Holland T7.315 AND T7.290 Heavy Duty Tractors

The T7 Heavy-Duty Series meets the need for higher power and productivity from a multitasking medium-frame tractor. A specifically-designed engine delivers peak power of 313 horsepower. The Auto Command transmission delivers infinite speed adjustment, while a four-speed rear PTO and optional two speed front PTO allow engine speed to be optimized. ISOBUS Class 3 technology allows implements such as New Holland’s large balers to control the tractor’s speed automatically, increasing output by up to 10 percent.


Case IH Axial-Flow® 140 Series Combines

Extensive upgrades to the Case IH Axial Flow® 140 Series combines improve harvesting capacity and ease of both operation and maintenance. The two-speed electric-shift ground-drive transmission provides increased tractive effort and eliminates the need to manually shift the transmission during harvesting maneuvers. The sidehill-compensating cleaning shoe significantly increases harvesting capacity on sidehills. Operators benefit from improved access to the threshing, separating and cleaning systems, made possible by lighter and more maneuverable concaves.

Claas Dynamic Cooling

Lexion 670 Dynamic Cooling is a horizontal engine cooling system located on top of the combine, over the engine, to pull in air from where it is coolest and cleanest. The cooling system uses a variable-speed fan that increases speed as the engine temperature rises. As the engine cools, the fan speed decreases, saving up to 20 horsepower over constant-speed fans. The incoming air passes through the engine compartment, which helps keep the engine compartment free of debris and is forced out through vents in the combine’s side panels.

John Deere Active Terrain Adjustment™ for S-Series Combines

The new Active Terrain Adjustment™ feature on John Deere S-Series combines automatically adjusts the cleaning fan speed, chaffer opening and sieve opening when ascending and descending hills. The Active Terrain Adjustment™ feature improves grain tank samples when descending hills and saves on grain loss when ascending hills.


Lindsay Corporation FieldNET Pivot Control

FieldNET’s Pivot Control is designed to retrofit almost any existing center pivot brand to the most efficient irrigation technology. This allows significant labor savings and the convenience of full remote control of pivots and other equipment, such as pumps, injectors, pressure sensors, flowmeters and rainfall sensors. Pivot Control provides a universal look and feel at all pivots in the operation for easy in-field control, variable-rate irrigation of up to 360 sectors and full control and monitoring at a fraction of the cost of a controller upgrade.

Mobile Technology and Monitoring

John Deere Harvest Mobile

John Deere Harvest Mobile is a mobile app that optimizes machine functions to improve grain harvesting and features data collection and transfer to help operators make timely decisions. Interactive Combine Adjustment™ (ICA) enables combine operators to make quick adjustments when issues arise. The app uses the combine’s settings and priorities set by the operator to recommend the best adjustment. Four map layers are available: ground speed, moisture, dry yield and wet yield. Collected data is available whenever the customer wants to view the harvest map layer. Harvest Mobile also transfers data to the John Deere Operations Center for remote viewing of job progress and metrics via the Job Monitor.

DICKEY-john IntelliAg® ISO6™

The DICKEY-john IntelliAg® ISO6™ is a six-channel, ISOBUS-compatible control and monitor system that allows planters and seeders to apply multiple materials from one module. The ISO6™ feature set is highly customizable, which provides solutions on an as-requested basis in order to produce differing levels of functionality that can quickly expand to meet the ever-changing needs of precision agriculture. Additional software features have been implemented to reduce hardware needs by integrating advanced seed monitoring, section control with virtual switches and implement fold control.


AGCO Sunflower 6830 High-Speed Rotary Finisher

AGCO’s Sunflower 6830 high-speed rotary finisher is specifically designed to provide the high-speed operation and high-residue flow unattainable with traditional shank-equipped finishers and cultivators. It produces a consistently smooth, level seedbed. The 6830 combines four types of rolling ground-engaging tools in a three-step process: spherical disc blades and reels, wavy coulters and Sunflower-exclusive Rolling Spider tines. The 6830 can build an optimal seedbed in one pass. The SF 6800 is also the first Sunflower tool to be equipped with Sunflower’s maintenance-free disc-gang bearings.