Planter Technology

Soybean farmers have a wide variety of planting needs and preferences. Manufacturers offer a broad range of planters and seeders designed to meet those demands.

Depending upon farmer needs, manufacturers offer configurations and technology to help farmers maximize productivity.

Following is a list of manufacturers offering farmers options for their planter technology. While this is an inclusive list, we may have inadvertently overlooked some manufacturers. If so, please contact us with their information and we will do our best to add them.

The United Soybean Board neither recommends nor discourages the implementation of any advice contained herein and is not liable for the use or misuse of the information provided.

Planter Manufacturers

American Made Equipment

A-M-E manufactures large frame, modular frame and small frame planters.

Case IH

Case IH provides a wide range of row-crop planters and seeders and the control systems to manage the planting process.

John Deere

John Deere manufactures a variety of planters and seeders and offers ag management solutions.


Kinze Manufacturing builds a range of rigid frame, mounted and folding planters.


Monosem, Inc., manufactures custom-built planters.

New Holland

New Holland produces air hoe and air disk drills.


White planters, produced by AGCO, come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Seed Management Systems

Ag Leader

Ag leader offers the SeedCommand system which can be used to manage seed populations, planter-meter performance, variable-rate control, down force and more.


DICKEY-john offers the IntelliAg MVT control system for use on planters and air seeders.

Loup Electronics

Loup Electronics offers drill and planter monitors to increase population accuracy.


Micro-Trak Systems provides an array of planter components and monitoring technologies

Precision Planting

Precision Planting offers a range of mechanical products, monitoring and control systems for planters.


Raven offers planter and seeder-control systems.


Trimble offers the Field IQ crop input-control system.