Request for Proposals


Request for Proposal: Plant Breeding Innovation

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The United Soybean Board (USB) requests a proposal to engage a trained researcher or firm to conduct an in-depth economic and environmental assessment of plant breeding innovation technology. The researcher or firm should assess the implications of having plant breeding technology available and keeping it accessible for the benefit of U.S. soy. The assessment will need to address the information gaps by providing USB with a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of the economic and environmental factors associated with plant breeding innovation technology.

The proposed work would result in a report that evaluates the economic potential of gene editing technologies for soybean production, and traits (e.g. disease resistance, etc.). Evidence would be developed through surveys on early use or plans to use gene editing technologies in selected sectors (e.g. US seed and breeding companies). Secondary data on: the market size and current performance of the selected market sectors; costs associated with various agronomic problems or value added opportunities for which gene editing technologies could yield valuable traits; the economic value of substitute technologies; and for other important parameters would also be used to complement the analysis. The purpose of the report would, therefore, be to advance the analysis of the current and prospective products and applications of gene editing technologies in agriculture and highlight the sectors and traits where gene editing could have the most significant economic impact over time. Case studies of selected sector/trait combinations would also be developed to provide detail on how gene editing has enabled or could enable improvements in agriculture.

Please email Julie Bowker to request a proposal template. Proposals are due by April 23, 2018.

Request for Proposal: Video Production & Editing of U.S. Soy Content

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USSEC is looking for a contractor to produce video content between May and October of 2018. The content will be utilized on websites and in training seminars.  The content will be used as educational material to promote sustainable aquaculture technologies with U.S. soy optimized aquafeeds. It will focus on conveying the intrinsic and extrinsic advantages and sustainability of U.S. soy to key international audiences and others.

Please email the proposal to by 5:00PM Central Time on April 30, 2018.

Request for Proposal: Legal Firms to Serve as General Legal Counsel to the Board

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United Soybean Board (USB), a 501 (c)1 organization, is currently accepting proposals from qualified legal firms to provide legal representation.

Contact for Proposals is Emily Altheuser.

Proposals to be submitted electronically, preferably as PDF file, to Lisa O’Brien, USB Chief Operating Officer by 6:00 p.m. (CDT) May 10, 2018 at